Since graduating Graphic Design from Fanshawe College in London, I have spent four fast–paced years overlapping graphic design and digital marketing for the True North Records/IDLA family of independent record labels based out of Waterdown, Ontario.

In that time I have worked with artists from Saint Alvia to Sophie Milman, Randy Bachman to Buffy Sainte–Marie and many more, producing album artwork for CD, DVD and vinyl releases, developing artist websites, online marketing including social campaigns and print advertising for publications across North America, Australia and Europe, including Exclaim, Walrus, American Songwriter, Maverick and more.

I am also a freelance writer and columnist since October 2009 for Interrobang, published by the Fanshawe Student Union. To date I have published over 340 articles, including over 180 editions of my weekly music column Bobbyisms. Additionally, I have occasionally had articles published by Metroland, LondonFuse, Smashing Magazine, SNS Post in Chicago and have been picked up by the Canadian University Press.



Whether through design or writing, I consider myself a storyteller. I am passionate about music and that has had a substantial creative influence on my work; I would be delighted to discuss how my passion and experience can be a part of your design solution.

Services I offer include but aren’t limited to: Album artwork and other packaging design, pre–press and production; UI and front–end website design and search optimization; print and online advertising, retail one–sheets and large–form print design; original photography and digital illustration; journalistic and/or copywriting and editing; and team project management from pre–flighting to archiving.

If you’ve come to my site out of an interest in discussing a design project or copywriting opportunity, please send me an email.